This video tutorial and free pattern is brought to you by BincBonc. The teddy bear is perfect for anything from personal collection, birthday, anniversary, Valentine, wedding, and many more.

Download the pattern using the link below.

DIY Teddy Bear

Tools and materials

o   Minky fabric
o   Pen or pencil
o   Sewing needles (regular and long)
o   Thread
o   Pins
o   Scissor
o   Felting needle
o   Black wool fibers for the mouth line
o   Black polymer clay for the nose
o   Scissor
o   3mm eyes
o   Glue
o   Cotter pins (5 pcs)
o   Joint discs (5 pcs) – I replace them with shrink plastic
o   Soft pastels (colors: sienna, chocolate)
o   Pink blush or pink soft pastels
o   Brush